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Wise Counsel

An experienced sounding board for ideas, concerns and opportunities for growth—personal and business.


Let’s move you and your business forward. We may schedule weekly accountability calls or monthly meetings.


The most structured relationship where we jointly define a desired product, scope of work and timeline and make it a reality.

Transformative Tools

Tips, ideas and services that can help you be more effective in your business and live your life with more confidence.

Dedicated to your success

We bring over 40 years of successful experience as a business owner in a wide variety of industries to the table.

Our wise counsel, coaching, consulting and transformational tools have helped small business owners and individuals discover solutions to challenges and uncover new opportunities.

Small businesses are the backbone of our country and our economy. Your vision provides employment for the core of our working population. Let DrBizPro support you so you can leave a legacy of success for your family and community.

Our services may or may not be the solution to your immediate challenge—give us a call so we can meet and find out. You’ll be glad you did.

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In addition to coaching and consulting, we offer a suite of products to help individuals, start ups, corporations, human resources and transitioning executives with day-to-day personal and business needs.

We can help with The 8 Keys To Health For Your Business…and much more!

  • Perspective
    • What does your business really do and/or provide?
    • What function does it serve your client?
  • Possibility
    • What can you leverage to serve your business and customers more effectively?
    • What other buying decisions do your customers make that may be related to what you do?
  • Strategy
    • What is your personal “exit strategy” for your business?
    • What is your 3 year vision for your business?
    • What is the greatest obstacle to your achieving this vision?
  • Finance
    • What are your real numbers? Cash Flow; Expenses; Profit; A/P; A/R; Sales…Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Anually
    • What are the top three ways you can increase revenue?
  • Operations
    • What are the steps/actions that it really takes to do what you do?
    • What key decisions will make or break your success?
  • Systems
    • What technology and/or equipment are key to your success?
    • What written guidelines, policies and/or procedures do you need that you don’t have in place now?
  • People
    • What are the key qualities you look for in the people you need to help you do your business?
    • What have you created as a culture to support them?
  • Sales & Marketing

    • How do you let potential clients know who you are and what you do?
    • What is essential that you communicate to your prospects and clients?
    • How do you leverage your client’s experience for repeat and referral business?